Saturday, June 23, 2007

Happy Summer Solstice!!!

Please excuse the picture layout - still trying to figure this out!!! the pic of Ben is from the Solstice Party. It's B roasting his first marshmallow!!! Read on for details on the pic of Nate...

Well, it's official...Nate's crawling!!! This picture doesn't quite capture the full effect but I promise he is doing it. It's actually kind of overwhelming from my perspective, I'm so used to being able to put him in one spot and he'll be there when I turn around but not anymore! It's also uncharted territory for us because Ben never crawled. So, it's been a new and fun experience for all of us. Probably more so for us than Nate, he definetely gets frustrated with it more than we do.

In other news....things are going well as we ease into Summer. We celebrated the Solstice last Saturday with friends (yes, we know the real Solstice was this Thursday and we did recognize it). Our friend and her children celebrate the Summer Solstice every year and they really do such a great job welcoming the season and getting the kids excited about it. Ben is so happy that it's Solstice, though I'm not certain that he totally understands what that means; he does realize that it's now officially summer and he's very happy about that. He's also done a great job with one of our Soltice traditions which is to gather things that you no longer need or use and pass them on for someone else to use. Normally, Ben has a hard time letting go of possesions. If I clean out his room and find things to give to Goodwill I usually have to sneak them out of the house and into the van while he's sleeping and then of course the trip to Goodwill is done without Ben it tow. This year he picked out four (yes, 4) toys that he felt he was done playing with and he packed them into a garbage bag to give away. I'm really proud of him being able to let go of things like this.

We're looking forward to our summer days. We plan on doing some camping this year, hopefully in a few more weeks when it's a big warmer at night. We'll be sure to post about those adventures, I'm sure they will be eventfull with a 4 year old and 9 month old along for the ride! Ben has joined the library's Summer Reading program, which is really a program to make sure that Tim or I read to him at least once a day. Ben is very excited about it though and not to be too corny but whatever gets him exciting about reading is good news in my book! Really, more than anything I'm looking forward to the long days and the warm sun and sitting in my backyard with the boys to take it all in. Wishing the same to you and yours!!! Happy Summer Solstice!!!!!
Thank you to the little voice who remided me that I had been neglecting my blogging duties! Will not happen again, rest assured!

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