Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Case for Stadium Pal

Syda has convinced me that going to the bathroom alone is over-rated. She will now being taking mandatory field trips to the bathroom with me whenever I go. Why the harsh sentence?  I present Exhibits A and B for your consideration.  *Let the record show that is colored SHARPIE marker she has drawn on herself.  Please note the excessive coloring around her mouth and the fact that she has speech therapy tomorrow afternoon.  I'm looking forward to explaining that to a trained professional.

You'd think three years in, I'd know to watch her more closely.  To remember that when it's quiet, it's TOO quiet.  But I guess I keep having hope that she's outgrown this.  Clearly my optimism is being wasted in this aspect of life.

I'm really hoping someone gets me a Stadium Pal for Yule.  It IS real, you can order it online.  Please leave a comment if you need an address to send it to.


Emily Cahill said...

BABY TOES!!!!!!!!!!!

MainelyMama said...

10 baby toes and 5 mama toes in this shot. lol I totally missed that when I was taking the picture.