Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Tuesday Tunes

If you like what you see and happen to live in the area, check out The Duhks live tomorrow night at the Prescott Park Arts Festival

Fast Paced World - The Duhks

We've forgotten what is sacred,
We've forgotten what is sacred,
Not love, not culture, not family or nature

Everybody follow me, I will show you the way,
I know all the ins and outs,
Of how this world should be turning
With God as my leader, I'll feed you all kinds of lies,
And you'll believe me,
'Cause even God has lost his name with time

Time after time, his name has been misused,
Manipulation through fear,
To get you to adhere
Empty threats without proof, will only lead to paranoia,
If we don't think for ourselves, well then what do we got?

We've forgotten what is sacred
In this fast-paced world,
We take and keep taking,
Without thinking of what we're giving

Oh, nothing is sacred in this fast-paced world
Not love, not culture, not family or nature

Suburbia land, where everything is made easy
Don't worry, we'll wipe you clean of your identity
Supermarkets and box malls for your convenience
All the Ma and Pop stores, no longer have your allegiance

With cookie cutter houses, cars and jobs
We'll all be the same, we won't have to think anymore
About our neighbors gossiping, about our freaky differences
We won't have to worry, won't have to take any chances

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