Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Fall is certainly here in our little neck of the woods. What better time to get out and explore a bit? Since moving into our home in July we've been consumed by outside chores, like raking, building a pen for the bunnies, cutting down trees, planting bushes...the list goes on. One thing we hadn't done, but kept intending to, was to explore our little patch of woods a bit. On Tuesday, with the sun shining down on us and the autumn wind making our cheeks pink, we set out for a look around.

We're only on an acre of land, which may not be a lot to some and an abundance to others. For us, it's heavenly and is certainly more than the driveway we had at our apartment. Behind our house is a nice section of forest that spreads for a bit before opening onto a neighbor's yard and road. Certainly plenty for my three pioneers to explore. Ben has already declared that he and Nate need to build a fort out here and is waiting for the next sunny day to start collecting branches and pick a site. I think this spot looks ideal.

We found all sorts of interesting specimens, like red berries, deer poop (yay! We have deer!), trees bent from Irene's visit this summer, an old wooden fence and a large variety of mushrooms. Or is that Lichen technically? I really need to get some field guides at the library tomorrow.

The best things we found: enthusiasm, curiosity, fun, adventure and contentment in OUR backyard.

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