Thursday, January 20, 2011

Something For Everyone

We all try to pass the time stuck inside in our own ways. The boys have been building forts today, we just whipped up some play doh and we've been watching way more PBS kids/movies/hulu than I'd really like, but if it keeps the peace right now, I'm ok with it. I've made my peace with wanting less tv and actually making that a reality. The time to make that a reality is NOT when you are stuck inside due to your hilly driveway being a sheet of ice and on the cusp of another storm set to start in about 12 hours. The math just doesn't work out on that one.

So the kids have been doing a decent job of entertaining themselves, and I've decided to keep busy with knitting. I know, you didn't see that one coming did you? Ok, but here's the thing... I've cast on three projects in the past two days. I guess I have to have different things to work on constantly. Two of them are just straight up knitting in the round for the most part, the third is Amigurumi. Amigurumi!!! This is serious. We'll see how it goes, but so far it's really a LOT of fun and my only complaint is, that I have to concentrate when working on it, so I'm wishing Syda would take a longer nap so I could spend more time on it. Fortunately, I have until March to finish the Sea Star in time for Ben's birthday. He's also requested the Jelly Fish from this book, but I haven't made any promises.

The oddly shaped triangle to the right is one of five sea star arms.

Here is the second sea star arm, just started today and pic snapped about 60 seconds before Syda woke up.

On the needles for Syda is a third attempt at the Skull Jumper from PenelopeCraft. I've changed the needle size and the number of total stitches so hopefully it'll fit her this time around.

On the needles for Nate, a rainbow cowl. He's been admiring my green cowl and as I finished Ben's blue cowl this weekend he sweetly asked for one of his own, "But in all the colors." Thank goodness for variegated yarn. :)

Plenty to keep me busy for a bit.

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Sarah said...

Leila, sometimes I struggle with the screen time thing, too, but then I think of you telling me years ago that it seemed like Nate was so creative that it felt okay. I refer to that when Wallace is absorbing hours of Netflix, and then busting out hours of creative, thoughtful play that is clearly enhanced by what he has been watching.