Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mothers Day

I've got it made in the shade, and it's handy to have a day to remind me of it, just in case I didn't have three amazing reminders surrounding me everyday. It's always hilarious to me when I look around and see where my life has led me. I mean that in a wonderful way, but in a very honest moment too, I freely admit this is not what I had anticipated my life looking like at this age, if ever. I had often said, at 14, 18 and 20 that I never planned on having kids. I was determined to be on my own indefinitely and then I met Tim and then Ben was the beginning of our family and Nate and Syda came to join us and I am. Here WE are!

These kids are a brilliant, constant reminder that the best things in life are not planned. They are miraculous surprises that have thrust me into the most thrilling experiences of life. I am grateful for them everyday and full of immeasurable gratitude that I am blessed with the honor, fun, excitement, terror, joy and privilege of being their mother.

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jaimee.gould said...

You were made to be a mama. You are a constant source of inspiration and love. We are lucky to know you and hope our family continues to blossom in such beautiful ways as yours has. ((HUGS))