Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ninja Cowl

I've discovered that I'm a Process Knitter, not a Product Knitter. Thanks to Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's book, The Yarn Harlot Casts Off, I've been learning a lot about myself as a knitter. I'll write more about that latter, but basically I know that I like knitting simply for the fun of knitting. If I drop a stitch, mess up a pattern slightly, it doesn't throw me off the whole project. I also don't go back and rip out stitches and correct my mistake. Maybe as I get better at knitting and the kids get older I'll become more of a perfectionist but for now, every row I'm able to knit has been hard fought and I can't justify ripping it out for a minor offense, like knitting two together when I shouldn't have.

Anyway, I had just finished her chapter that determines if you're a Process or Product Knitter when I cast off this cowl that just did not come out right. It was a very simple cast on Xteen stitches and knit in the round, but I made it too wide at the bottom and then tried to decrease it and made it too narrow at top. So, it is what it is...just a failed cowl in my eyes BUT to little boys with imaginations? It's the fun new play thing used to combat the final days of winter boredom. (I hope) I've already been asked to make another one "Quickly please!" because it's hard to have to share this one.

There are about 20 more pics of them playing with this in various ways but I think a glimpse is enough. (And I don't think blogger will support that much crazy kid-cowl-cuteness)

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