Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Some 'Splainin To Do!

So our camera is broken, hence the lack of entries lately - well, that's the reasoning in my head anyway. It has nothing to do with the fact that I haven't mastered raising an infant, preschooler and home schooled first grader yet, nothing at all! The sad story is that I foolishly let Nate use the camera one night and he did something to the lens to keep it from opening. Tim tried to take it apart for repairs and realized he couldn't fix it a bit too late. In my defense - we (yes WE, both Tim & I) had let Nate play with the camera countless times before and never had a problem.

The kicker is, I broke this same model camera in September about 10 days before Syd was born by using the wrong USB cable with it. We were fortunate to have the funds at the time to rush order a new camera so we could have pics of the birth, which will likely never been seen except by those of us who were there. But still, I'm thankful to have them. Anyway, since this replacement camera broke just weeks after Yule we do not have the funds to replace it just yet. So, the blog will mainly contain my ramblings, random links to video, and some older photos I hadn't got around to posting yet.

That said, I'm selling a few wraps to raise money for a new camera so if you are looking for a deal on a great baby carrier or know someone who is please email me. I've vowed to myself and Tim that the replacement camera and Nate's hands shall never meet!

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