Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Party of Five

Well, it's official we're expecting baby #3! I'm not sure if blogging makes it official or not but we got the BFP from a home test last Tuesday and then a confirmation from our doctor on Wednesday. So, the newest addition to our brood is set to arrive earthside this fall, most likely late September/Early October. We are completely surprised (I looked exactly like that cat up there when I saw the test) but we're very happy and feeling extremely blessed. It sort of figures that as soon as we decided we were all set with two and I had really accepted it and started to enjoy seeing us as a family of four we find out we're having another. I think it's the best example of Murphy's Law in action - certainly the kindest and most enjoyable example anyway. :)


Hilaree said...

AAAAAHHHH!! Congratulations! So exciting and such a lovely time to have a baby. Yay for you and your family! Hugs.

alyssa said...

That is awesome... There really is an LOL cat for every situation

Joy said...

I love that LOLcat. And in case I haven't said it (yah right!), CONGRATULATIONS!