Thursday, December 18, 2008

Yule Is Near

The boys' gingerbread houses and the winter berries jar Nate & I made with Adie & Ali. It's still growing! yay!!!

Nate's crown! I need to finish Ben's still. It looks better in person than in this pic, or maybe I just don't notice the crooked-ness of it in real life.

A bag awaiting gifting.

My favorite Yule presents to make this year. Super easy thanks to this pattern.
You may have to register with the site to see it but it's SO worth it and you don't get spam from them. So I've made 4 and have a 5th on the needles right now. They're much more vibrant up close and I can't wait to see what the receivers think of them.

Two pics because I really like them. Have I mentioned that?

Ben in front of the Yule tree.

The Yule countdown calendar from Nona.

Our Yule Altar.

Ben in front of altar.

Our sparsely decorated Yule tree - can you tell we have a toddler in the house?

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