Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sick, sick, sick

This winter has been soooo long and so snowy, even for Maine. We've been battling cabin fever and doing a pretty good job of it too. Now that we've passed the spring equinox I was really hoping that it would start to feel like spring and we'd be outside again, playing, walking, running - basically anything except being cooped up in the house. No such luck.

The weather here is still freezing. We're excited that it might hit 40 today. Ok, it's still COLD. AND, there is a good two feet of snow still all around our driveway and in the backyard. So it feels nothing like Spring to us. To top that off we are stuck inside because we're all sick. I came down with some weird stomach thing on Friday and it's still kicking around a big. I don't feel sick to my stomach anymore, but I've been having bad stomach pain, like the pain that sent me to the hospital last summer - so of course I'm paranoid that something bad is coming. Nate came down with the stomach bug on Saturday night. He seems to be doing better today, but he was sick again last night and so I'm raelly not sure. Of course, just when I think we're coming out of it, Ben woke up puking at 1am this morning. Poor kiddo. So, we're holed up in the living room with saltines, juice and blankies. We're attempting to find a movie to watch and hoping that this bug passes soon. I'm annoyed that it's not feeling Spring-like outside right now, but if we have to be inside suffering with a bug I'd rather it be cold and unwelcoming outside. The snow and wind make the couch look a lot friendlier.

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Hilaree said...

Hey mainelymama...

You need to delete the "kijar" message immediately - I clicked on it and the whole internet disappeared, and then some weird viiral message popped up on the screen. My hubby said it seems like its just some kind of a scam, but who knows if it really is viral related. Yikes! So until mainelymama reads this, don't anybody click on "kijar" or "here". Peace, Hilaree