Friday, February 8, 2008

Political Spin

My head is spinning with political spin and coverage. I'm still totally confused by the results of Super Tuesday-I mean, litterally, yes I understand them, but I'm feeling conflicted. I think I lean more towards Hillary as far as the issues go, yet at the same time I'm really pulled by Obama as well. I've taken a bunch of online quizes to help determine which candidate's stances on the issues matches mine. Every time I come out with Hillary but only by a few points. I'm not worrying about it by any means but it is interesting to see it all play out.

I DO worry that the democratic party is getting divided and as the saying goes 'divided we fall'. I'm so scared of seeing this country run by McCain. For our troops to stay in Iraq indefinetelty and so many other sad results. We need a change and it's certainly the buzzword of this election, but who do you think we really deliver on that promise?

Tell me what you think if you feel. There's also the Ron Paul campaign plugging along (the man terrifies me - if you want to know why just ask) and I heard on NPR this afternoon that Ralph Nader is considering throwing his hat in the ring. It just keeps getting better. :)

This is the latest quiz I've subjected myself to.

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Hilaree said...

Hey you! I'm sorry - I'm too tired to wax eloquent on politics right now but kudos to you on putting your voice out there! Brave show, my dear. Just wanted to say hi and to comment on a few things - 1) Your personality is so balanced!! What an integrated person you are! I was way off the charts in one direction only. :) 2) Yay! We're both echinaceas! How very herbal of us. AND 3) Thank you for putting a link to my blog on your blog! You're sweet. See you soon. Peace and love.