Saturday, March 31, 2007

She Fell In Love With The Drummer (s)

Yes, these are pictures of both boys playing the bongos at a young age. Ben is at the top at 7 months old and Nate is on the bottom at 6 months. Different set of drums, but the expression on each face is the same.
This past week Nate started sitting up on his own. We still put a few pillows behind him so if he does fall backwards it's a soft landing, but he's doing pretty well. I put him on Ben's bed with the drums the other day and right after I did it, I went looking for the camera, which happens a lot these days. After I took the shot I remembered having a similar photo of Ben and had to look it up. It's so amazing, four years later to have a these glimpses back into Ben's babyhood thanks to Nate's experiences. So often it seems that Nate does something, makes a noise, a laugh, a face, and it is eerily reminiscent of what his brother did at this age. It makes it twice as fun to watch Nate explore the world as we get to remember Ben's first explorations as well.
In honor of the theme here (Drums) I named this entry from the lyrics to a Wilco song that popped into my head when I started writing this. It always makes me think of Tim, as he was a drummer when we met (and I still consider him one even though he hasn't played in a while) and now we have two little drummers on our hands.

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