Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A Cosmic Joke?

So, as many of you know we dealt with a little snow/sleet/wintry mix storm here yesterday. Well it didn't bother us at all yesterday but it sure came around to bite me this morning. Our friend Carl (6) slept over last night and I attempted to bring him to school this morning with Ben and Nate in tow. Carl's dad had to be at work very early today and his mom is away until this evening on a trip so I had agreed to do this favor weeks ago. Anyway, Carl wakes up at 5:45 today...he's used to getting up early to get to school. School had a two hour delay. So my day started off early but not badly, yet.

We left the house at 9:45 and I was quite proud of myself for getting all three boys ready and bundled and out of the house a few minutes earlier than I needed to. *this is probably what got the attention of whatever God or power decided to bring on the coming events.

We drove about 3 miles up 202 and were just about to get onto 125 to go to school when we got a flat tire. FLAT! It was baaaad! So I pulled over of course. All set to call AAA and realized I don't have my cell phone. Thankfully a very kind man from Metrocast stopped and let me use his phone and made sure we were safe. 10 minutes later the car was fixed and we were on the road. Only to realize that we had burned through a lot of gas while waiting for help and needed to stop. So I did and went to pump only to find the gas cover door frozen shut. I took out some of my aggression on the door and low and behold it opened!

We then got to Carl's school. I got out walked around the car and fell flat on my face and earned a nice blood blister on my left palm. I then had to navigate a 3 year old, 6 year old and 4 month old in a car seat across this terrain. It was challenging to say the least. We made it inside, got Carl set and as we left Ben fell down the stairs inside. KJids' snowboots are not designed for narrow stairwells. We made it home withou further incident but we have not left again. I plan to hide out inside until tomorrow. Hopefully I have paid my Karmic dues for the week.

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augphoenix said...

Congratulations Mama! That was a true test of parenthood and you aced it with flying colors!